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Playlist #3 (April 24, 2009)

Hmm I guess I was a little discouraged with the no comments on the last post so I hesitated to do another post but I figured that I always download without commenting (guilty as charged!) so I'd continue for any of you who are too shy :P. Like I said before, if anyone is good with Photoshop or HTML or anything and would like to help with album artwork and the layout that'd be AWESOME, just contact me if you're interested.

Here's my third playlist, this one has a theme and I'll elaborate on it behind the

So basically this is a playlist I made myself to get through a horrific period of my life (one I'm still going through) which of course has to do with a stupid boy. Long story short, the epic saga of our relationship has gone through 5 million breaks and mends and now we're "friends" though we still have feelings. Basically this playlist is about how sometimes it's not your fault when you fall in love with someone who just isn't ready for it.

It's called My Boy (The Dickhead) for reasons that I think will become clear as you listen if they're not already.

Here's the zip!

1. Be Yourself - Audioslave
2. Angel, Won't You Call Me - The Decemberists
3. You Know Better - Tina Dico
4. The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot - Brand New
5. Gallery Piece - Of Montreal
6. Driftwood, A Fairy Tale - Cursive
7. Easy - Voxtrot
8. Natural Disaster - Alexz Johnson
9. Romantic Comedy - Stars
10. I'm the Man Who Loves You - WIlco
11. My Backwards Walk - Frightened Rabbit
12. It's You - PJ Harvey
13. Nicest Thing - Kate Nash
14. I Get By - Honest Bob and the Factory-to-Dealer Incentives
15. No Poem - Inara George
16. Cigarettes Will Kill You - Ben Lee
17. Books Written for Girls - Camera Obscura
18. Dickhead - Kate Nash


downloaded, thank you :)