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Playlist #3 (April 24, 2009)

Hmm I guess I was a little discouraged with the no comments on the last post so I hesitated to do another post but I figured that I always download without commenting (guilty as charged!) so I'd continue for any of you who are too shy :P. Like I said before, if anyone is good with Photoshop or HTML or anything and would like to help with album artwork and the layout that'd be AWESOME, just contact me if you're interested.

Here's my third playlist, this one has a theme and I'll elaborate on it behind the Collapse )

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Hey you guys I've recently gotten a few requests for membership which kind of kicked me and made me realize that I really have to update :P. So sorry for you guys who have been members for a while, I honestly did start this community with the intent of posting at least every other day, and I am DEFINITELY going to do that starting today. So keep your eyes open for a new post sometime later today!

Thank you so much for any of you who still stick around!

P.S. If any of you are graphics people and would be willing to help me out with some graphics for the community and for the mixes that would be awesome! I am literate in many things on the computer but photoshop/all programs like it are completely lost on me!
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My Playlist #1

Here's some of the music that's on heavy rotation on my iTunes now. There's no real theme, just some good music :P

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Cry on Demand #1

Here we go, Partie Une of me attempting to catalogue my too large iTunes library.

As I am going through my library alphabetically, putting each song into categories (Happy Love, Crying Songs, Reflection Songs, Political, Crazy, It's gonna be alright songs) I'll try to post them up here.

Here's Part 1 of the playlist I call "Cry on Demand"

Part 1