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the kiss

iprayforbeauty in be_my_mixtape

My Playlist #1

Here's some of the music that's on heavy rotation on my iTunes now. There's no real theme, just some good music :P

Boy With a Coin - Iron and Wine
Yesterday I went to an Iron & Wine/The Swell Season (the people from Once) concert which totally rocked my socks off. I went originally for Iron & Wine and fell even more in love with Mr. Sam Beam and his rocking beard. This is a song off of his new album "The Shepherd's Dog" which I love because of how much a departure it is from his regular mellow acoustic stuff. I loved playing it with the windows down this summer.

Free Fallin' (Live from the Nokia Center) - John Mayer
Since this is a new place, I suppose ya'll don't know about my unhealthy obsession with John Mayer. NO DON'T RUN AWAY! I swear he's an amazing musician, and I will never ask you to listen to Your Body is a Wonderland. This Tom Petty cover is from his Holiday Concert last year that I was fortunate enough to attend. I almost consider it a completely separate song than the Petty version. I love them both in their own right, but the gentle harmonies and finger picking in his version brings me to tears every time.

Effington - Ben Folds
I'll forgive Ben Folds for having a concert in LA and not telling me until it's all sold out and the tickets are $300 on stubhub...because he writes amazing music. This is from his new album "Way to Normal" that came out last week and the whole thing is just sheer genius. Some of the cleverest, funniest stuff I've heard in a long time.

Peace Beneath the City - Iron & Wine
Another track from "The Shepherd's Dog." I'll let the lyrics do the talking.
Say something for the body buried like a keepsake
Mother of million mouths with the very same name
Black valley, peace beneath the city
Where the women tell the weather but never ever tell you what they pray

Cologne - Ben Folds
While Ben can do the energetic piano rock out like no other, I absolutely adore when he pulls it back and lets us here the beautiful emotion in his voice like in this song. The piano riff reminds me of some of his softer stuff (Gracie, Brick) and once again, I'm left misting up.
Four, three, two, one,
I'm letting you go.
I will let go,
If you will let go.

Lies - The Swell Season
I've got to say that the track almost seems to pale in comparison after hearing Glen Hansard belt it at the top of his lungs to an LA sky. One of the most emotional voices I've ever heard, it's either your cup of tea or its not, I've found out. For those of you that love your men that can cry, here's a beautiful piece of music.

Drown Out - The Swell Season
They didn't play this last night, one that I really would have loved to hear.
Drown out, the voice that breaks the silence
And talks the joy out of everything
You were found out
and had to walk in darkness
without the only thing you care about


Hiroshima - Ben Folds
I really love the crowd sound they get on this track. When I saw him at the Hollywood Bowl we had an audience sing-along, in FOUR PART HARMONY! When I listen to this energetic, awesome track about falling on stage I can feel a little bit like I'm finally back at the Bowl with Ben, Rocco and John :P

Fitzcarraldo - Glen Hansard
Glen gave a nice long speech on this one last night. He described it so amazingly that when I listened as he subsequently sang it, I felt like I'd been on that 17 year long journey the Frames were on before they reached success. Long and short of it, Glen explained that the song was about coming to a wall that you can't get through or around or across, so you turn around and walk away, all the way around the world until you end up on the other side.

Fix the World Up For You - James Morrison
Thank god I didn't hear about this album until it came out, or I would have been counting the days until its release. James Morrison is one of my all time favorite artists, such simple melodies with such an AMAZINGLY soulful voice and eloquent words, a winning combo. This is one of his songs that I could hear playing while someone is watching the sunrise, just as they're starting a new life, a new plan. In reality, I listen to it while walking into school :P

Broken Strings (Feat. Nelly Furtado) - James Morrison
Oh Jamesie! A guitar metaphor for something that I'm going through at this exact moment? Slay me.
Let me hold you
For the last time
It's the last chance to feel again
But you broke me
Now I can't feel anything

Say It To Me Now - Glen Hansard
This song is on here because of this moment.

The Lovers Are Losing - Keane
I've already preordered their new album, such a great piano centric band. They're a brilliant live show as well, in case you were wondering ;)
You take the pieces of the dreams that you have
cause you don't like the way they seem to be going
you cut them up and spread them out on the floor
you're full of hope as you begin rearranging
put it all back together
but anyway you look at things and try
the lovers are losing

The Wrote & the Writ - Johnny Flynn
I love how much this sounds like an early McCartney song. It really brings to mind that moment when you start to question the religion your parents gave you when you were born. Like, "Really, this is supposed to be his blood and his flesh? And why am I eating it?"

Glad to be Unhappy - Frank Sinatra
I just recently unearthed my copy of "In the Wee Small Hours" and it really through me back into good old Frank big time. So what if the happy songs are few and far between, these downers hit you hard. This is one of my favorites, totally epitomizes that time when I was thinking "I don't care if it hurts, I would just rather be in love and hurt than sitting here with nothing to do."

It Never Entered My Mind - Frank Sinatra
Once I laughed when I heard you saying
That I'd be playing solitaire
Uneasy in my easy chair
It never entered my mind

Because - The Bird and the Bee
This song is awesome because it takes all the good things about hip hop and throws them together with one of the best things about "indie" music THE BIRD AND THE BEE! Such a cool beat and one of the most beautiful voices around.

Brother Lee - Citizen Cope
You might recognize this song from the trailers of that movie "What Just Happened." I've seen the trailer so many times that I would rather cut off my ears than see the actual movie, but along the way I've also developed an addiction to this romp of a song. If you like this song, "Son Gonna Rise" by Citizen Cope as well is like a prequel to this one

The Bucket - Kings of Leon
I was really trying hard to stay away from Kings of Leon just because of the stigma they have out in LA (one of those, oh I'm so cool I listen to "this" band) but one of my best friends burned me a CD and I unwittingly fell in love with this song.
I'll be the one to show you the way
You'll be the one to always complain
3 in the morning come a bang bang bang
All out of fags and I just can't wait

Charlie - Ingrid Michaelson
I first saw Ingrid opening up for Matt Nathanson at the Troubador as "The girl with that sweater song" and I think it's so cool how much recognition she's FINALLY getting! The girl has some amazing words to share. I recently burned a CD for my friend of her earlier stuff which got me back into her all over again. This is from her first album (my favorite) Slow the Rain.

Church House Steps - Ben Harper and the Blind Boys of Alabama
I'm a sucker for some Ben Harper and harmonies. I first got into this combination when I heard the song "I Shall Not Walk Alone" by the Blind Boys and learned that Ben actually wrote the song. Their vocals lend such an awesome gospel sound to Ben's funky style.

Giving Up - Ingrid Michaelson
I'll just let the lyrics do the talking for this one.
What if our baby comes in after nine
What if your eyes close before mine
What if you loose yourself sometimes
And I'll be the one to find you
Safe in my heart

He's Evil - The Kinks
:P just thought I'd through a curveball in here. I love the Kinks with an enormous passion, my mom has been playing them for me since I was in the womb.

I Thought I Saw Your Face Today - She & Him
Whoda thunk that Zooey Deschanel could sing? Unlike most actresses turned singers, I LOVE this album. This song is a great description of that miserable time after a big breakup when everything you see reminds you of that person and how...well...you couldn't help but fall in love again.

Here It Is! Enjoy


Ooooo why not update?.. But awesome songs!!
This is awesome.
I love your music library.

=) I took this set. Thank you!